Google Compute Engine Plugin makes it easy to use Jenkins on Google Cloud Platform

Google News’ AI revolution strikes balance between personalization and the bigger picture

Google has launched a major revamp to its news feature at Google I/O 2018. 15 years after its launch, Google News is to offer...
Sundar Pichai unveils TPU 3.0

Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) 3.0: Google’s answer to cloud-ready Artificial Intelligence

It won’t be wrong to say that the first day of the ongoing Google I/O 2018 conference was largely dominated by Artificial Intelligence. CEO... plans trials in Frisco, Texas

Why is going to struggle to disrupt public transport has announced that it is to begin trialling a self-driving car taxi service in Frisco, Texas this Summer. The trial is to last...
Nvidia's Volta Tensor Core GPU breaks performance records

Nvidia’s Volta Tensor Core GPU hits performance milestones. But is it the best?

Nvidia has revealed that its Volta Tensor Core GPU has hit some significant milestones in performance. This is big news for the world of...

Microsoft Build 2018 Day 1: Azure meets Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s kicked off Build 2018, their annual developer conference in style, with some interesting announcements related to coupling their existing products - mainly Microsoft...
Are Recurrent Neural networks capable of warping time?

Are Recurrent Neural Networks capable of warping time?

‘Can Recurrent neural networks warp time?’ is authored by Corentin Tallec and Yann Ollivier to be presented at ICLR 2018. This paper explains that...
cable pluggeg in lan router

Distributed TensorFlow: Working with multiple GPUs and servers

Some neural networks models are so large they cannot fit in memory of a single device (GPU). Such models need to be split over...
Magenta.js is bringing machine learning and music together

You can now make music with AI thanks to Magenta.js

Google Brain's Magenta project has released Magenta.js, a tool that could open up new opportunities in developing music and art with AI. The Magenta...
Why you should use Keras

Can a production ready Pytorch 1.0 give TensorFlow a tough time?

PyTorch has announced a preview of the blueprint for PyTorch 1.0, the next major release of the framework. This breakthrough version is expected to...
Zero-Shot learning for Visual Imitation

Paper in Two minutes: Zero-Shot learning for Visual Imitation

The ICLR paper, ‘Zero-Shot learning for Visual Imitation’ is a collaborative effort by Deepak Pathak, Parsa Mahmoudieh, Michael Luo, Pulkit Agrawal, Dian Chen, Fred...

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TensorFlow.js 0.11.1 releases!

TensorFlow team has released a new version of TensorFlow.js - a browser-based JavaScript library - for training and deploying machine learning models. This new...

pandas 0.23 released