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Are you struggling to work out the difference between deep learning and machine learning? Packt Hub provides you with the latest Artificial Intelligence news and updates. Whether you’re looking for tutorials and news for Tensorflow or Keras, we’ve got you covered.

AI Autonomous Cars Might Have Just A Four-Year Endurance Lifecycle from AI Trends

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider   After AI autonomous self-driving cars have been abundantly fielded onto our roadways, one intriguing question that has so...

India Engages in a National Initiative to Support Its AI Industry  from AI Trends

By AI Trends Staff    The government of India is engaged in an initiative on AI that aims to promote the industry, which a recent IDC...

Update: Pandemic Driving More AI Business; Researchers Fighting Fraud ‘Cure’ Posts  from AI Trends

By AI Trends Staff   The impact of the coronavirus pandemic around AI has many shades, from driving higher rates of IT spending on AI, to...

Breaking AI Workflow Into Stages Reveals Investment Opportunities  from AI Trends

By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor  An infrastructure–first approach to AI investing has the potential to yield greater returns with a lower risk profile, suggests...

AI Tools Assisting with Mental Health Issues Brought on by Pandemic  from AI Trends

By Shannon Flynn, AI Trends Contributor   The pandemic is a perfect storm for mental health issues. Isolation from others, economic uncertainty, and fear of illness can...

Gender Bias In the Driving Systems of AI Autonomous Cars  from AI Trends

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider    Here’s a topic that entails intense controversy, oftentimes sparking loud arguments and heated responses. Prepare yourself accordingly. Do you...

Bringing AI to the B2B world: Catching up with Sidetrade CTO Mark Sheldon [Interview]

Sidetrade is an organization that is on a mission to transform customer engagement in the world of B2B marketing with the help of artificial...

3 different types of generative adversarial networks (GANs) and how they work

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have been greeted with real excitement since their creation back in 2014 by Ian Goodfellow and his research team. Yann...
machine learning for cybersecurity

Emmanuel Tsukerman on why a malware solution must include a machine learning component

Machine learning is indeed the tech of present times! Security, which is a growing concern for many organizations today and machine learning is one...

Key skills for data professionals to learn in 2020

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about your next job, or even the job after that. It’s far more useful, however,...

Must Read in Cloud & Networking

ServiceNow Partners with IBM on AIOps from DevOps.com

ServiceNow and IBM this week announced that the Watson artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform from IBM will be integrated with the IT...

Must Read in Data

Understanding the Fundamentals of Analytics Teams with John K. Thompson

Key-takeaways:   Data scientists need a tailored portfolio of projects that they own and manage to have a sense of autonomy.  The top skill or...