Brett Lantz machine learning with R

The hands-on guide to Machine Learning with R by Brett Lantz

If science fiction stories are to be believed, the invention of Artificial Intelligence inevitably leads to apocalyptic wars between machines and their makers. Thankfully,...

Brett Lantz on implementing a decision tree using C5.0 algorithm in R

Decision tree learners are powerful classifiers that utilize a tree structure to model the relationships among the features and the potential outcomes. This structure...

NeurIPS 2018: Developments in machine learning through the lens of Counterfactual Inference [Tutorial]

The 32nd NeurIPS Conference kicked off on the 2nd of December and continued till the 8th of December in Montreal, Canada. This conference covered...
Amazon plans to move fro

Getting started with Amazon Machine Learning workflow [Tutorial]

Amazon Machine Learning is useful for building ML models and generating predictions. It also enables the development of robust and scalable smart applications. The process...
Amazon plans to move fro

Understanding Amazon Machine Learning Workflow [ Tutorial ]

This article presents an overview of the workflow of a simple Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) project. Amazon Machine Learning is an online service by...

How does Elasticsearch work? [Tutorial]

Elasticsearch is much more than just a search engine; it supports complex aggregations, geo filters, and the list goes on. Best of all, you...

Creating effective dashboards using Splunk [Tutorial]

Splunk is easy to use for developing a powerful analytical dashboard with multiple panels. A dashboard with too many panels, however, will require scrolling...
data visualization

Setting up Apache Druid in Hadoop for Data visualizations [Tutorial]

Apache Druid is a distributed, high-performance columnar store. Druid allows us to store both real-time and historical data that is time series in nature....
ML pipelines

Use AutoML for building simple to complex machine learning pipelines [Tutorial]

Many moving parts have to be tied together for an ML model to execute and produce results successfully. This process of tying together different...
custom visuals

4 powerful custom visuals in Power BI: Why, When, and How to add [Tutorial]

Power BI report authors and BI teams are well-served to remain conscience of both the advantages and limitations of custom visuals. For example, when...

Must Read in Mobile

Understanding the Foundation of Protocol-oriented Design

When Apple announced Swift 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2016, they also declared that Swift was the world’s first protocol-oriented...