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With new technology threats, rising international tensions, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In organizations worldwide, there is not only a dire need for cybersecurity analysts, engineers, and consultants but the senior management executives and leaders are expected to be cognizant of the possible threats and risk management.

The era of cyberwarfare is now upon us. What we do now and how we determine what we will do in the future is the difference between whether our businesses live or die and whether our digital self-survives the digital battlefield. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 6 titles from Packt’s bank of cybersecurity resources for everyone from an aspiring cybersecurity professional to an expert.

Adversarial Tradecraft in Cybersecurity 

A comprehensive guide that helps you master cutting-edge techniques and countermeasures to protect your organization from live hackers. It enables you to leverage cyber deception in your operations to gain an edge over the competition. 

Little has been written about how to act when live hackers attack your system and run amok. Even experienced hackers sometimes tend to struggle when they realize the network defender has caught them and is zoning in on their implants in real-time.

This book provides tips and tricks all along the kill chain of an attack, showing where hackers can have the upper hand in a live conflict and how defenders can outsmart them in this adversarial game of computer cat and mouse. 

This book contains two subsections in each chapter, specifically focusing on the offensive and defensive teams. Pentesters to red teamers, SOC analysis to incident response, attackers, defenders, general hackers, advanced computer users, and security engineers should gain a lot from this book. This book will also be beneficial to those getting into purple teaming or adversarial simulations, as it includes processes for gaining an advantage over the other team. 

The author, Dan Borges, is a passionate programmer and security researcher who has worked in security positions for companies such as Uber, Mandiant, and CrowdStrike. Dan has been programming various devices for >20 years, with 14+ years in the security industry. 

Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies, Second Edition 

A book that enables you to counter modern threats and employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques to protect your organization against cybercriminals. It is a completely revised new edition of the bestselling book, covering the very latest security threats and defense mechanisms including a detailed overview of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and an assessment of the current threat landscape, with additional focus on new IoT threats and cryptomining. 

This book is for IT professionals venturing into the IT security domain, IT pentesters, security consultants, or those looking to perform ethical hacking. Prior knowledge of penetration testing is beneficial. 

This book is authored by Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Erdal Ozkaya. Yuri Diogenes is a professor at EC-Council University for their master’s degree in cybersecurity and a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for Azure Security Center. Dr. Erdal Ozkaya is a leading Cybersecurity Professional with business development, management, and academic skills who focuses on securing Cyber Space and sharing his real-life skills as a Security Advisor, Speaker, Lecturer, and Author. 

Cyber Minds 

This book comprises insights on cybersecurity across the cloud, data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT to keep you cyber safe. Shira Rubinoff’s Cyber Minds brings together the top authorities in cybersecurity to discuss the emergent threats that face industries, societies, militaries, and governments today. Cyber Minds serves as a strategic briefing on cybersecurity and data safety, collecting expert insights from sector security leaders. This book will help you to arm and inform yourself of what you need to know to keep your business – or your country – safe. 

This book is essential reading for business leaders, the C-Suite, board members, IT decision-makers within an organization, and anyone with a responsibility for cybersecurity. 

The author, Shira Rubinoff is a recognized cybersecurity executive, cybersecurity and blockchain advisor, global keynote speaker, and influencer who has built two cybersecurity product companies and led multiple women-in-technology efforts. 

Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies 

Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies is as real-life and up-to-date as cyber can possibly be, with examples of actual attacks and defense techniques, tools, and strategies presented for you to learn how to think about defending your own systems and data. 

This book introduces you to strategic concepts and truths to help you and your organization survive on the battleground of cyber warfare.

The book not only covers cyber warfare, but also looks at the political, cultural, and geographical influences that pertain to these attack methods and helps you understand the motivation and impacts that are likely in each scenario. 

This book is for any engineer, leader, or professional with either responsibility for cybersecurity within their organizations, or an interest in working in this ever-growing field. 

The author, Dr. Chase Cunningham holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from Colorado Technical University and a B.S. from American Military University focused on counter-terrorism operations in cyberspace. 

Incident Response in the Age of Cloud 

This book is a comprehensive guide for organizations on how to prepare for cyber-attacks and control cyber threats and network security breaches in a way that decreases damage, recovery time, and costs, facilitating the adaptation of existing strategies to cloud-based environments. 

It is aimed at first-time incident responders, cybersecurity enthusiasts who want to get into IR, and anyone who is responsible for maintaining business security.

This book will also interest CIOs, CISOs, and members of IR, SOC, and CSIRT teams. However, IR is not just about information technology or security teams, and anyone with legal, HR, media, or other active business roles would benefit from this book.  

The book assumes you have some admin experience. No prior DFIR experience is required. Some infosec knowledge will be a plus but isn’t mandatory. 

The author, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, is a technically sophisticated executive leader with a solid education and strong business acumen. Over the course of his progressive career, he has developed a keen aptitude for facilitating the integration of standard operating procedures that ensure the optimal functionality of all technical functions and systems. 

Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and Strategies  

This book trains you to mitigate exploits, malware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks. After scrutinizing numerous cybersecurity strategies, Microsoft’s former Global Chief Security Advisor provides unique insights on the evolution of the threat landscape and how enterprises can address modern cybersecurity challenges.   

The book will provide you with an evaluation of the various cybersecurity strategies that have ultimately failed over the past twenty years, along with one or two that have actually worked. It will help executives and security and compliance professionals understand how cloud computing is a game-changer for them. 

This book is designed to benefit senior management at commercial sector and public sector organizations, including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other senior managers of cybersecurity groups, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), and senior IT managers who want to explore the entire spectrum of cybersecurity, from threat hunting and security risk management to malware analysis. 

The author, Tim Rains worked at Microsoft for the better part of two decades where he held a number of roles including Global Chief Security Advisor, Director of Security, Identity and Enterprise Mobility, Director of Trustworthy Computing, and was a founding technical leader of Microsoft’s customer-facing Security Incident Response team. 


If you aspire to become a cybersecurity expert, any good study/reference material is as important as hands-on training and practical understanding. By choosing a suitable guide, one can drastically accelerate the learning graph and carve out one’s own successful career trajectory. 

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