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Game Optimization and making your product as good as it can be can be fustrating. Packt Hub provides the latest news, insights and tutorials in this area to help remove the pain.


Minecraft Java team are open sourcing some of Minecraft’s code as libraries

Stockholm's Minecraft Java team are open sourcing some of Minecraft's code as libraries for game developers. Developers can now use them to improve their...

Unity Benchmark report approves WebAssembly load times and performance in popular web browsers

Unity has released a benchmarking report after two years since the last Unity Benchmark report comparing the performance and load times of WebAssembly with asm.js....
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AMD open sources V-EZ, the Vulkan wrapper library

AMD has made V-EZ, the Vulkan wrapper library open source. The V-EZ wrapper is C based lightweight layer around Vulkan which reduces the complexity...

Minecraft is serious about global warming, adds a new (spigot) plugin to allow changes...

Minecraft Server Java Edition has added a new (spigot) plugin which changes climate mechanics in the game. This plugin adds the concept of greenhouse...
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Unity switches to WebAssembly as the output format for the Unity WebGL build target

With the launch of Unity 2018.2 release last month, Unity is finally making the switch to WebAssembly as their output format for the Unity...

Dynamic Graphics

There is no question that the rendering system of modern graphics devices is complicated. Even rendering a single triangle to the screen engages many...

Scripting Strategies

 In this article by Chris Dickinson, the author of Unity 5 Game Optimization, you will learn how scripting consumes a great deal of our...

Beyond Grading

(for more resources related to this topic, see here.) Kudos As the final look of the frame is achieved during the compositing stage, there will always...

Hours 1-12: Your Quest Begins!

Dealing with the Game Jam "theme" Virtually every Jam requires that you try to make a game that fits a theme. This is either a...

Must Read in Game Dev

Why should you use Unreal Engine 4 to build Augmented and...

This is an exciting time to be a game developer. New technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are here and growing...