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Packt Hub gives you the latest programming languages news. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the latest Python updates or looking for Java tutorials, we have you covered.

Releasing a lamp

Git 2.19.0 released with better git grep, Python 3 compatibility for git p4

Git project released Git 2.19 earlier this week (September 10th, 2018). Git 2.19 brings more Python 3 compatibility work for git p4, a rewritten git...
Switching to Python

Python comes third in TIOBE popularity index for the first time

Python made it to the TIOBE index in the third position for the first time in its history. The TIOBE programming community index is a...

Ripgrep 0.10.0 released with PCRE2 and multi-line search support

The Ripgrep team released a minor version Ripgrep 0.10.0 last week. It explores features such as PCRE2 support, multi-line search and a JSON output...

Go 2 design drafts include plans for better error handling and generics

In the annual Go user survey, the three top requests made by users for Go version 2 were better package management, error handling and...

Splinter 0.9.0, the popular web app testing tool, released!

Splinter, the open source tool for testing web applications using Python has now leveled up to Splinter 0.9.0. Browser actions such as visiting URLs...

JDK 11 First Release Candidate (RC) is out with ZGC, Epsilon and more!

On Friday, Oracle released the JDK 11 first Release Candidate. It includes features such as nest-based access control, dynamic class-file constants, improved Aarch64 intrinsics,...

OpenSSH 7.8 released!

OpenSSH 7.8 base source code was released on August 24, 2018. It includes many new features such as a fix for the username enumeration...

Golang 1.11 is here with modules and experimental WebAssembly port among other updates

Golang 1.11 is here with modules and experimental WebAssembly port among other updates The Golang team released Golang 1.11 rc1 two weeks back, and now...

JEP 325: Revamped switch statements that can also be expressions proposed for Java 12

Java is preparing to support pattern matching, part of which is revamping the switch statement. The changes are going to allow the switch statement...
SAP Cloud Platform is now generally available on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s .NET Core 2.1 now powers Bing.com

Microsoft is ever striving to make its products run better. They can add yet another accomplishment to their list as Microsoft’s cloud service search...

Must Read in Programming

Electron 3.0.0 releases with experimental textfield, and button APIs

The Electron team announced the first stable release Electron 3.0.0, yesterday. Electron 3.0.0 comes with upgrades, fixes, and other changes. Electron is a framework...
Asynchronous gear wheel on stone

low.js, a Node.js port for embedded systems