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How to choose components to build a basic robot 

This post will show you how to choose a robot chassis kit with wheels and motors, a motor controller, and some power for the...
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Apex.AI announced Apex.OS and Apex.Autonomy for building failure-free autonomous vehicles

Last week, Alphabet’s Waymo announced that they will launch the world’s first commercial self-driving cars next month. Just two days after that, Apex.AI. announced...

Automation and Robots – Trick or Treat?

Advancements in AI are on a path of reinventing the way organizations work. Last year, we wrote about RPA, which made front-end manual jobs...

Boston Dynamics adds military-grade mortor (parkour) skills to its popular humanoid Atlas Robot

Boston Dynamics, a robotics design company, has now added parkour skills to its popular and advanced humanoid robot, named Atlas. Parkour is a training...

These robot jellyfish are on a mission to explore and guard the oceans

Earlier last week, a team of US scientists, from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the US Office of Naval Research published a paper on...

The new Bolt robot from Sphero wants to teach kids programming

Sphero, a robotic toy building company announced their latest Bolt robotic ball aimed at teaching kids basic programming. It has advanced sensors, an LED...
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Is ROS 2.0 good enough to build real-time robotic applications? Spanish researchers find out.

Last Friday, a group of Spanish researchers have published a research paper titled ‘Towards a distributed and real-time framework for robots: evaluation of ROS...
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Shadow Robot joins Avatar X program to bring real-world avatars into space

Shadow Robots Company, experts at grasping and manipulation for robotic hands announced that they are joining a new space avatar program named AVATAR X....

6 powerful microbots developed by researchers around the world

When we hear  the word robot, we may think of large industry sized robots assembling cars or humanoid ones. However there are such tiny...

Boston Dynamics’ ‘Android of robots’ vision starts with launching 1000 robot dogs in 2019

A video went viral in February showcasing a dog like robot opening a door for another robot. These agile robots are the brainchild of Boston...