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Packt Hub provides the latest Cryptography news direct from the industry. We provide news and insights into new cryptographic libraries like Tink and more.

Mozilla launches Firefox 63.0

Mozilla adds protection against fingerprinting and Cryptomining scripts in Firefox Nightly and Beta

Last year, the company announced about adopting an approach to anti-tracking considering user data privacy. The company listed a few key initiatives mitigating harmful...

Slack launches Enterprise Key Management (EKM) to provide complete control over encryption keys

The work collaboration hub, Slack, yesterday, launched Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM) for its enterprise customers. The feature is introduced to give customers control...
Cryptojacking on the rise

IBM announces the launch of Blockchain World Wire, a global blockchain network for cross-border...

Yesterday, IBM launched its Blockchain World Wire, a global blockchain network for cross-border payments that will make use of Stablecoin by U.S. dollars and...

FOSDEM 2019: Designing better cryptographic mechanisms to avoid pitfalls – Talk by Maximilian Blochberger

At FOSDEM 2019, Belgium, Maximilian Blochberger talked about preventing cryptographic pitfalls by avoiding mistakes while integrating cryptographic mechanisms correctly. Blochberger is a research associate...
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Introducing CT-Wasm, a type-driven extension to WebAssembly for secure, in-browser cryptography

Researchers from the University of California and the University of Cambridge have come up with Constant-Time WebAssembly (CT-Wasm), the details of which are shared...

DragonFly BSD 5.4.1 released with new system compiler in GCC 8 and more

This Christmas eve, team DragonFly released the 54th version, DragonFly BSD 5.4.1, a free and open-source Unix-like operating system. This version comes with a...
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Microsoft urgently releases Out-of-Band patch for an active Internet Explorer remote code execution zero-day...

Yesterday, Microsoft released an out-of-band patch for a vulnerability discovered in the Internet Explorer that attackers are actively exploiting on the Internet. The IE...
NetSpectre attack exploits data from CPU memory

Sennheiser opens up about its major blunder that let hackers easily carry out man-in-the-middle...

Yesterday, Sennheiser, an audio device maker issued a fix for a major software blunder that let hackers  easily carry out man-in-the-middle attacks by cryptographically...

Baidu Security Lab’s MesaLink, a cryptographic memory safe library alternative to OpenSSL

X-Lab, Baidu’s security lab focused on researching and developing industry-leading security solutions, today released the latest version of MesaLink, a cryptographic memory safe library...

Tink 1.2.0: Google’s new multi-language, cross platform, cryptographic library to secure data  

Google announced yesterday the release of a new version of its multi-language, cross-platform cryptographic library, named, Tink 1.2.0 to secure data. Earlier versions of...

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Win-KeX Version 2.0 from Kali Linux