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2019 Stack Overflow survey: A quick overview

The results of the 2019 Stack Overflow survey have just been published: 90,000 developers took the 20-minute survey this year. The survey shed light...
Google Fuchsia

Why should your e-commerce site opt for Headless Magento 2?

Over the past few years, headless e-commerce has been pretty much in talks often being touted as the ‘future of e-commerce’. Last year, in...

Google Chrome will soon support LazyLoad, a solution to lazily load below-the-fold images and...

Google Chrome will soon support something called LazyLoad, a feature that allows browsers to delay the loading of out-of-view images and iframes until the...

Microsoft makes the first preview builds of Chromium-based Edge available for testing

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first preview builds of its Chromium-powered Edge browser for Windows 10. This comes after Microsoft announced last year in December...
Fake news

Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge to make hyperlink auditing compulsorily enabled

Last week, Bleeping Computer reported that the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge will not allow users to disable hyperlink...
Firefox Nightly browser: Debugging your app is now fun with Mozilla’s new ‘time travel’ feature

Mozilla is exploring ways to reduce notification permission prompt spam in Firefox

Yesterday, Mozilla announced that it is launching two experiments to understand how they can reduce “permission prompt spam” in Firefox. Last year, it did...
world wide web

Django 2.2 is now out with classes for custom database constraints

Yesterday, the Django team announced the release of Django 2.2. This release comes with classes for custom database constraints, Watchman compatibility for runserver, and...
google search engine

Google announces the general availability of AMP for email, faces serious backlash from users

After launching the developer preview of accelerated mobile pages or AMP for email last year, Google announced its general availability yesterday. For utilizing AMP...
web development

Redox OS 0.50 released with support for Cairo, Pixman, and other libraries and packages

Yesterday, the team at Redox released Redox OS 0.5.0, a Unix like operating system written in Rust. The team has added important programs and...
Mozilla launches Firefox 63.0

Firefox 66 comes with Block Autoplay and scroll anchoring to reduce online annoyances

Yesterday, Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 66. In this release, the Firefox team aimed to reduce the online annoyances users face by introducing...

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Must Read in Web Dev

Mozilla introduces Pyodide, a Python data science stack compiled to WebAssembly

Mozilla is constantly putting its efforts in developing new tools that ease the life of a data scientist. In March this year, it introduced...