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Defining REST and its various architectural styles

RESTful web services are services built according to REST principles. The idea is to have them designed to essentially work well on the web....
Lambda Leftovers

Understanding the Disambiguation of functional expressions in Lambda Leftovers [Tutorial]

Type inference was introduced with Java 5 and has been increasing in coverage ever since. With Java 8, the resolution of overloaded methods was...
Garbage collector

Getting started with Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) in Java 11 [Tutorial]

Java 11 includes a lot of improvements and changes in the GC(Garbage Collection) domain. Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) is scalable, with low latency. It...
Zeit releases Serverless Docker

How to push Docker images to AWS’ Elastic Container Registry(ECR) [Tutorial]

Currently, the most commonly adopted way to store and deliver Docker images is through Docker Registry, an open source application by Docker that hosts...
Things we didn't expect from the 2018 Stack Overflow survey

Implementing Garbage collection algorithms in Golang [Tutorial]

Memory management is a way to control and organize memory.  The basic goal of memory management algorithms is to dynamically designate segments of memory...
web development

Implementing hashing algorithms in Golang [Tutorial]

A hashing algorithm is a cryptographic hash technique. It is a scientific calculation that maps data with a subjective size to a hash with...
optimize website in grunt

Getting started with designing RESTful APIs

The application programmable interface (API) is one of the most promising software paradigms to address anything, anytime, anywhere, and any device, which is the...
Gang of four design patterns

Understanding advanced patterns in RESTful API [Tutorial]

Every software designer agrees that design patterns, and solving familiar yet recurring design problems by implementing design patterns, are inevitable in the modern software...

Implementing routing with React Router and GraphQL [Tutorial]

Routing is essential to most web applications. You cannot cover all of the features of your application in just one page. It would be...
Should you switch to Angular?

Applying styles to Material-UI components in React [Tutorial]

The majority of styles that are applied to Material-UI components are part of the theme styles. In some cases, you need the ability to style individual components...

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