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AWS makes Amazon Rekognition, its image recognition AI, available for Asia-Pacific developers

AWS machine learning: Learning AWS CLI to execute a simple Amazon ML workflow [Tutorial]

Using the AWS web interface to manage and run your projects is time-consuming. We will, therefore, start running our projects via the command line with...

How to predict viral content using random forest regression in Python [Tutorial]

Understanding sharing behavior is a big business. As consumers become blind to traditional advertising, the push is to go beyond simple pitches to tell...

Implementing an AI in Unreal Engine 4 with AI Perception components [Tutorial]

AI Perception is a system within Unreal Engine 4 that allows sources to register their senses to create stimuli, and then other listeners are periodically...
Facebook profile on Apple iPhone 6s

Build a custom news feed with Python [Tutorial]

To create a model a custom news feed, we need data which can be trained. This training data will be fed into a model...
Asynchronous gear wheel on stone

Implementing Dependency Injection in Google Guice [Tutorial]

Choosing a framework wisely is important when implementing Dependency Injection as each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are various Java-based dependency...
Recommendation system

Building Recommendation System with Scala and Apache Spark [Tutorial]

Recommendation systems can be defined as software applications that draw out and learn from data such as preferences, their actions (clicks, for example), browsing history, and...

Building a Twitter news bot using Twitter API [Tutorial]

Twitter is an online news and social media platform where users can post and interact with messages that are called tweets. It has around 328...
Packt and Humble Bundle team up for Big Data promotion

Classifying flowers in Iris Dataset using Scala [Tutorial]

The Iris dataset is the simplest, yet the most famous data analysis task in the ML space. In this article, you will build a solution...
Mobile phone in hand

Intelligent mobile projects with TensorFlow: Build your first Reinforcement Learning model on Raspberry Pi...

OpenAI Gym (https://gym.openai.com) is an open source Python toolkit that offers many simulated environments to help you develop, compare, and train reinforcement learning algorithms, so you...

How to use artificial intelligence to create games with rich and interactive environments [Tutorial]

Many of the most popular games on the planet have one thing in common: they all have rich, vivid worlds for the player to...

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