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Why you should analyze user-behavior data before developing a mobile app?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say “mobile app”? If you are a user, you are probably thinking...

How are Mobile apps transforming the healthcare industry?

Mobile App Development has taken over and completely re-written the healthcare industry. According to Healthcare Mobility Solutions reports, the Mobile healthcare application market is...
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Why Retailers need to prioritize eCommerce Automation in 2019

The retail giant Amazon plans to reinvent in-store shopping in much the same way it revolutionized online shopping. Amazon’s cashierless stores (3000 of which...
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7 Android Predictions for 2019

Emerging technologies not only change the way users interact with their devices but they also improve the development process. One such tech where most...
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7 Web design trends and predictions for 2019

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Obfuscating Command and Control (C2) servers securely with Redirectors [Tutorial]

A redirector server is responsible for redirecting all the communication to the C2 server. Let's explore the basics of redirector using a simple example. Take a scenario...