Five developer centric sessions at IoT World 2018

The 10 best cloud and infrastructure conferences happening in 2019

The latest Gartner report suggests that the cloud market is going to grow an astonishing 17.3% ($206 billion) in 2019, up from $175.8 billion...

Do you need artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise in house?

Developing artificial intelligence expertise is a challenge. There’s a huge global demand for practitioners with the right skills and knowledge and a lack of...
Chatbot concept

Conversational AI in 2018: An arms race of new products, acquisitions, and more

Conversational AI is one of the most interesting applications of artificial intelligence in recent years. While the trend isn’t yet ubiquitous in the way...
Mobile phone users

Why you should analyze user-behavior data before developing a mobile app?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say “mobile app”? If you are a user, you are probably thinking...

How are Mobile apps transforming the healthcare industry?

Mobile App Development has taken over and completely re-written the healthcare industry. According to Healthcare Mobility Solutions reports, the Mobile healthcare application market is...

Get ready for 2019

Obfuscating Command and Control (C2) servers securely with Redirectors [Tutorial]

A redirector server is responsible for redirecting all the communication to the C2 server. Let's explore the basics of redirector using a simple example. Take a scenario...