Internet security

3 cybersecurity lessons for e-commerce website administrators

In large part, the security of an ecommerce company is the responsibility of its technical support team and ecommerce software vendors. In reality, cybercriminals...
Legal law concept image

Deepfakes House Committee Hearing: Risks, Vulnerabilities and Recommendations

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee held a hearing to examine the public risks posed by “deepfake” videos. Deepfake is identified as a technology...
AI attack

How not to get hacked by state-sponsored actors

News about Russian hackers creating chaos in the European Union or Chinese infiltration of a US company has almost become routine. In March 2019,...

Facebook fails to block ECJ data security case from proceeding

This July, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg will now hear a case to answer questions on whether the American government's surveillance,...
Apps on phone

What is the future of on-demand e-commerce apps?

On-demand apps almost came as a movement in the digital world and transformed the way we avail services and ready-to-use business deliverables. -E-commerce stores...

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Getting started with Z Garbage Collector(ZGC) in Java 11 [Tutorial]

Java 11 includes a lot of improvements and changes in the GC(Garbage Collection) domain. Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) is scalable, with low latency. It...