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May’s continues on a high note. Plenty of big announcements and major new releases announced in two of the biggest events in the tech world: Google I/O, Microsoft Build and PyCon. Read about them and more in our tech news section.

Here’s what you may have missed in the last 7 days – Tech news, insights and tutorials…

Tech news

Conferences in focus this week

Top 5 Google I/O 2018 conference Day 1 Highlights

What we learned from Qlik Qonnections 2018

Microsoft Build 2018 Day 1: Azure meets Artificial Intelligence

Data news in depth

Development & programming news in depth

Cloud & networking news in depth


Data tutorials

Development & programming tutorials

Web development tutorials

Programming tutorials

Cloud & Networking tutorials

This week’s opinions, analysis, and insights

Data Insights

Development & Programming Insights

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