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The Linux Foundation recently launched the Acumos Al Project with an aim to make AI accessible to all. Acumos AI is a platform and an open source framework, to easily build, share and deploy Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep learning applications.

As a part of the LF Deep Learning Foundation, Acumos strives to make these AI, ML and DL technologies available to developers and data scientists everywhere. It caters to a broad range of business use cases, which include network analytics, customer care, field service and equipment repair, healthcare analytics, network security and advanced video services, and many more.

Let’s have a look at what Acumos AI has in store.

The Acumos AI Project,

  • Packages tool kits such as TensorFlow and SciKit Learn and models with a common API that allows them to seamlessly connect
  • Allows easy onboarding and training of models and tools
  • Supports a variety of popular software languages, including Java, Python, and R
  • Leverages modern microservices and containers in order to package and export production-ready AI applications as Docker files
  • Includes a federated AI Model Marketplace, which is a catalog of AI models contributed by the community that can be securely shared

Benefits of Acumos AI

  • It provides a standardized platform, an easy export, and Docker-file deployment to any environment, including major public clouds, making stand-up and maintenance a breeze
  • It has a simplified toolkit and model onboarding, which helps data scientists focus on building great AI models rather than maintaining infrastructure.
  • The Acumos AI comprises of a Visual design editor, a drag-and-drop application design, and a chaining feature, where applications can be chained to create an array of AI services. These enable end users to deploy complicated AI apps for training and testing within minutes.

Read the Acumos AI whitepaper to know more about the Acumos AI Project in detail.

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