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Get the latest Big Data news, insights and updates from the Packt Hub. We’ll help you get to grips with NoSQL databases like MongoDB. With the vast quantities of Data currently stored by businesses, it’s becoming increasingly important to manage it in logical and secure ways. Therefore, the Hub provides news and insights around technologies like Hadoop and AWS to help keep you up to date.

Building Motion Charts with Tableau

The following is an excerpt from the book Tableau 10 Bootcamp, Chapter 2, Interactivity – written by Joshua N. Milligan and Donabel Santos. It...
Audio Video Image scraping in Python

How to perform Audio-Video-Image Scraping with Python

Our article is an excerpt from the book Web Scraping with Python, written by Richard Lawson. This book contains step by step tutorials on...
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Two popular Data Analytics methodologies every data professional should know: TDSP & CRISP-DM

This is a book excerpt taken from Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau authored by Jen Stirrup & Ruben Oliva Ramos. This book will...
Power BI

How to use M functions within Microsoft Power BI for querying data

Microsoft Power BI Desktop contains a rich set of data source connectors and transformation capabilities that support the integration and enhancement of source data....

Healthcare Analytics: Logistic Regression to Reduce Patient Readmissions

We bring to you another guest post by Benjamin Rojogan on Logistic regression to aid healthcare sector in reducing patient readmission. Ben's previous post...
Stored procedures in Postgre SQL

How to write effective Stored Procedures in PostgreSQL

This article is an excerpt from the book Mastering PostgreSQL 9.6 written by Hans-Jürgen Schönig. PostgreSQL is an open source database used not only...
Index types in Postgre SQL 10

6 index types in PostgreSQL 10 you should know

This article is an excerpt from a book Mastering  PostgreSQL 10 written by Hans-Jürgen Schönig. This book will help you master the capabilities of...
Numeric Metric aggregation with Elasticsearch

How to perform Numeric Metric Aggregations with Elasticsearch

This article is an excerpt from the book Learning Elastic Stack 6.0 written by Pranav Shukla and Sharath Kumar M N . This book...
prevent errors in Teradata

How to prevent errors while using utilities for loading data in Teradata

In today’s tutorial we will assist you to overcome the errors that arise while loading, deleting or updating large volumes of data using Teradata...
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Top 10 MySQL 8 performance benchmarking aspects to know

The following excerpt is taken from the book MySQL 8 Administrator’s Guide, co-authored by Chintan Mehta, Ankit Bhavsar, Hetal Oza and Subhash Shah. This...

Must Read in Cloud & Networking

ServiceNow Partners with IBM on AIOps from

ServiceNow and IBM this week announced that the Watson artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform from IBM will be integrated with the IT...

Must Read in Data

Distributed training in TensorFlow 2.x

TensorFlow 2 is a rich development ecosystem composed of two main parts: Training and Serving. Training consists of a set of libraries for dealing...

How to Create Tensors in PyTorch