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Get the latest Big Data news, insights and updates from the Packt Hub. We’ll help you get to grips with NoSQL databases like MongoDB. With the vast quantities of Data currently stored by businesses, it’s becoming increasingly important to manage it in logical and secure ways. Therefore, the Hub provides news and insights around technologies like Hadoop and AWS to help keep you up to date.

Key data science trends for 2019

Quantum computing, edge analytics, and meta learning: key trends in data science and big...

When historians study contemporary notions of data in the early 21st century, 2018 might well be a landmark year. In many ways this was...
time series modeling

Time series modeling: What is it, Why it matters and How it’s used

A series can be defined as a number of events, objects, or people of a similar or related kind coming one after another; if...

What are data professionals planning to learn this year? Python, deep learning, yes. But...

One thing that every data professional absolutely dreads is the day their skills are no longer relevant in the market. In an ever-changing tech landscape,...

There and back again: Decrypting Bitcoin`s 2017 journey from $1000 to $20000

Lately, Bitcoin has emerged as the most popular topic of discussion amongst colleagues, friends and family. The conversations more or less have a similar...

Highest Paying Data Science Jobs in 2017

It is no secret that this is the age of data. More data has been created in the last 2 years than ever before....

Expert Insights: How sports analytics is empowering better decision-making

Analytics is slowly changing the face of the sports industry as we know it. Data-driven insights are being used to improve the team and...

(13*3)+ Halloween costume ideas for Data science nerds

Are you a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, an AI researcher or simply a data enthusiast? Channel the inner data science nerd within...

Halloween costume ideas inspired from Apache Big Data Projects

If you are a busy person who is finding it difficult to decide a Halloween costume for your office party tomorrow or for your...

Must Read in Cloud & Networking

Top life hacks for prepping for your IT certification exam

I remember deciding to pursue my first IT certification, the CompTIA A+. I had signed up for a class that lasted one week, per...

Must Read in Data

k-Nearest Neighbors and NER pipeline

What’s happening in Data?  Here are the updates from AWS SageMaker, SAP HANA, and Teradata.    AWS SageMaker  Create Amazon SageMaker model building pipelines and deploy R...

How to Process Big Data with MapReduce