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Five developer centric sessions at IoT World 2018

The 10 best cloud and infrastructure conferences happening in 2019

The latest Gartner report suggests that the cloud market is going to grow an astonishing 17.3% ($206 billion) in 2019, up from $175.8 billion...
Microsoft and ICE

Microsoft announces ‘Decentralized Identity’ in partnership with DIF and W3C Credentials Community Group

Yesterday, Microsoft published a white paper on Decentralized Identity (DID) solution. These identities are user-generated, self-owned, globally unique identifiers rooted in decentralized systems. Over...

Luis Weir explains how APIs can power business growth [Interview]

API management is a discipline that has evolved to deliver the processes and tools required to discover, design, implement, use, or operate enterprise-grade APIs....

Automate tasks using Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI [Tutorial]

It is no surprise that we commonly face repetitive and time-consuming tasks. For example, you might want to create multiple storage accounts. You would...

Adding a Geolocation Trigger to the Salesforce Account Object

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) Obtaining the Google API key First, you need to obtain an API key for the Google Geocoding...

AWS announces more flexibility its Certification Exams, drops its exam prerequisites

Last week (on 11th October), the AWS team announced that they are removing the exam-prerequisites to give users more flexibility on the AWS Certification...

Working with Ceph Block Device

In this article by Karan Singh, the author of the book Ceph Cookbook, we will see how storage space or capacity are assigned to physical or...
on premise Azure

Ten tips to successfully migrate from on-premise to Microsoft Azure 

The decision to start using Azure Cloud Services for your IT infrastructure seems simple. However, to succeed, a cloud migration requires hard work and...

Amazon Cognito for secure mobile and web user authentication [Tutorial]

Amazon Cognito is a user authentication service that enables user sign-up and sign-in, and access control for mobile and web applications, easily, quickly, and...

Managing Heroku from the Command Line

In this article by Mike Coutermarsh, author of Heroku Cookbook, we will cover the following topics: Viewing application logs Searching logs Installing add-ons Managing environment variables Enabling the maintenance...