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Certifiable Distributional Robustness with Principled Adversarial Training

Are Debian and Docker slowly losing popularity?

Michael Stapelbergs, in his blog, stated why he has planned to reduce his involvement towards Debian software distribution. Stapelbergs is the one who wrote...

Oracle releases open source and commercial licenses for Java 11 and later

Oracle announced that it will provide JDK releases in two combinations ( an open source license and a commercial license): Under the open source...
cloud computing

What is distributed computing and what’s driving its adoption?

Distributed computing is having a real impact on the way companies look at the cloud. The "Most Promising Jobs 2018" report published by LinkedIn...
Microsoft HQ

Microsoft launches Open Application Model (OAM) and Dapr to ease developments in Kubernetes and...

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the launch of two new open-source projects- Open Application Model (OAM) and DAPR. OAM, developed by Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud under...

Is serverless architecture a good choice for app development?

App development has evolved rapidly in recent years. With new demands and expectations from businesses and users, trends like cloud have helped developers to...

How to Auto-Scale Your Cloud with SaltStack

What is SaltStack? SaltStack is an extremely fast, scalable, and powerful remote execution engine and configuration management tool created to control distributed infrastructure, code, and...

Deploying Highly Available OpenStack

In this article by Arthur Berezin, the author of the book OpenStack Configuration Cookbook, we will cover the following topics: Installing Pacemaker Installing HAProxy Configuring Galera cluster for...
Software infrastructure in 2019

Key trends in software infrastructure in 2019: observability, chaos, and cloud complexity

Software infrastructure has, over the last decade or so, become a key concern for developers of all stripes. Long gone are narrowly defined job...

Cloudflare’s Workers enable containerless cloud computing powered by V8 Isolates and WebAssembly

Cloudflare’s cloud computing platform Workers doesn’t use containers or virtual machines to deploy computing. Workers allows users to build serverless applications on Cloudflare's data...

Setting up VPNaaS in OpenStack

In this article by Omar Khedher, author of the book Mastering OpenStack, we will create a VPN setup between two sites using the Neutron...