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Cloudflare users will very soon be able to deploy Workers without having a Cloudflare domain. They will be able to deploy their Cloudflare Workers to a subdomain of their choice, with an extension of .workers.dev. According to the Cloudflare blog, this is a step towards making it easy for users to get started with Workers and build a new serverless project from scratch.

Cloudflare Workers’ serverless execution environment allows users to create new applications or improve existing ones without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. Cloudflare Workers run on Cloudflare servers, and not in a user’s browser, meaning that a user’s code will run in a trusted environment where it cannot be bypassed by malicious clients.

workers. dev was obtained through Google’s TLD launch program. Customers can head over to workers.dev where they will be able to claim a subdomain (one per user). workers.dev is fully served using Cloudflare Workers.

Zack Bloom, the Director of Product for Product Strategy at Cloudflare, says that workers.dev will especially be useful for Serverless apps. Without cold-starts users will obtain instant scaling to almost any volume of traffic, making this type of serverless seem faster and cheaper.

Cloudflare workers have received an amazing response from users all over the internet:


This news has also been received with much enthusiasm:

You can head over to the Cloudflare blog for more information on this news.

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