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Express Gateway 1.11.0 has been released after adding an important feature for the proxy policy and some bug fixes. Express Gateway is a simple, agnostic, organic, and portable, microservices API Gateway built on Express.js.

What is new in this version?


  • New parameter called stripPath: Support for a new parameter called stripPath has been added to the Proxy Policy for Express Gateway. Its default value is false. You can now completely own both the URL space of your backend server as well the one exposed by Express Gateway.
  • Official Helm chart: An official Helm chart has been added that enables you to install Express Gateway on your Rancher or Kubernetes Cluster with a single command.

Bug Fixes

  • The base condition schema is now correctly returned by the /schemas Admin API Endpoint so that the external clients can use it and resolve its references correctly.
  • Previously, invalid configuration could be sent to the gateway through the Admin API when using Express Gateway in production. The gateway was correctly validating the gateway.config content, but it wasn’t validating all the policies inside it. This bug fix was done to  make sure when an Admin API call that is modifying the configuration is done, the validation should be triggered so that we do not persist on disk a broken configuration file.
  • Fixed a missing field in oauth2-introspect JSON Schema.
  • For maintaining consistency, the keyauth schema name is now correctly named key-auth.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Unused migration framework has been removed.
  • The X-Powered-By header is now disabled for security reasons.
  • The way of starting Express Gateway in official Docker file is changed. Express Gateway is not wrapped in a bash command before being run. The reason is that the former command allocates an additional /bin/sh process, the latter does not.

In this article we looked through some of the updates introduced in Express Gateway 1.11.0. To know more on this new update head over to their GitHub repo.

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