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Stockholm’s Minecraft Java team are open sourcing some of Minecraft’s code as libraries for game developers. Developers can now use them to improve their Minecraft mods, use them for their own projects, or help improve pieces of the Minecraft Java engine.

The team will open up different libraries gradually. These libraries are open source and MIT licensed. For now, they have open sourced two libraries Brigadier and DataFixerUpper.


The first library, Brigadier takes random strings of text entered into Minecraft and turns into an actual function that the game will perform. Basically, if you enter in the game something like /give Dinnerbone sticks, it goes internally into Brigadier and breaks it down into pieces. Then it tries to figure out what the developer is trying to do with this random piece of text.

Nathan Adams, a Java developer hopes that giving the Minecraft community access to Brigadier can make it “extremely user-friendly one day.”

Brigadier has been available for a week now. It has already seen improvements in the code and the readme doc.


Another important library of the Minecraft game engine, the DataFixerUpper is also being open sourced.

When a developer adds a new feature into Minecraft, they have to change the way level data and save files are stored. DataFixerUpper turns these data formats to what the game should currently be using now.

Also in consideration for open sourcing is the Blaze3D library, which is a complete rewrite of the render engine for Minecraft 1.14.

You can check out the announcement on the Minecraft website. You can also download Brigadier and DataFixerUpper.

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