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Google Cloud announced the availability of their latest Second Generation runtime, PHP 7.2 on the App Engine standard environment, on Monday. This version is available in beta for users to build and deploy reliable applications with improved flexibility.

PHP 7.2 is open and idiomatic as compared to other second Generation runtimes on App Engine standard such as Python 3.7 and Node.js 8. This means one can run popular frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, and even WordPress on PHP 7.2.

With PHP 7.2 on the App Engine standard environment, users can easily build and deploy an application, which can run reliably under heavy load and large amounts of data. The applications will run within its own secure, reliable environment. Thus, making it independent of the hardware, operating system, or the physical location of the server.

Benefits of Google App Engine standard environment for PHP 7.2

Faster auto-scaling: Being on the Google App Engine standard environment allows running instances in seconds. This allows the app to handle sudden bursts in demand.

Faster deployment times of about less than a minute for PHP apps;

One can also scale apps down to zero instances if required. This makes it perfect for apps to operate at any scale.

Generative AI at work

No restrictions in running code: As PHP 7.2 is a Second Generation runtime, one can run any code without restrictions. Existing PHP apps and open source libraries will run unmodified.

Support for new languages: This is because PHP 7.2 need not custom-modify language runtimes to work with App Engine. Thus, support for new languages can be launched quickly.

Supports Google Cloud client libraries: One can integrate Google Cloud services into their apps and run it on App Engine, Compute Engine, or any other platform.

To know more about this news in detail and to get started with PHP 7.2 for App Engine visit Google Cloud blog.

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Generative AI at work
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  1. PHP deployment is best on Google Compute Engine platform. If you don’t know how to setup web hosting for PHP on google compute then you can use Cloudways hosting platform where servers are automatically configured by the platform.


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