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what's the difference between virtual machines and containers?

Virtual machines vs Containers

Virtual machines and containers are pretty similar, but they do possess some important differences. These differences will dictate which ones you decide to use....

The pets and cattle analogy demonstrates how serverless fits into the software infrastructure landscape

When you say serverless to someone, the first conclusion they jump to is that you are running your code without any servers. This can be...

Learn Azure serverless computing for free – Download a free eBook from Microsoft

There has been a lot of noise around serverless computing over the last couple of years. There have been arguments that it’s going to...

Deploying your Applications on WebSphere Application Server 7.0 (Part 1)

Inside the Application Server Before we look at deploying an application, we will quickly run over the internals of WebSphere Application Server (WAS). The anatomy...

Deploying Your Applications on WebSphere Application Server 7.0

Data access applications We have just deployed an application that did not require database connectivity. Often, applications in the business world require access to a...

Messaging with WebSphere Application Server 7.0 (Part 1)

Messaging in a large enterprise is common and a WebSphere administrator needs to understand what WebSphere Application Server can do for Java Messaging and/or...

Messaging with WebSphere Application Server 7.0 (Part 2)

WebSphere MQ overview WebSphere MQ formerly known as MQ Series is IBM's enterprise messaging solution. In a nutshell, MQ provides the mechanisms for messaging both...

Optimizing Lighttpd

If our Lighttpd runs on a multi-processor machine, it can take advantage of that by spawning multiple versions of itself. Also, most Lighttpd installations...

Data Processing using Derived Column and Aggregate Data Transformations

Details of Data Processing: This package accomplishes the following: Connect to the SQL Server 2005 and access the MyNorthwind (a copy of the Northwind) database. A Data...

Qmail Quickstarter: Virtualization

Generic Virtualization Framework The most straightforward mail handling in qmail is used for what are known as the local domains: those listed in the file....