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There has been a lot of noise around serverless computing over the last couple of years. There have been arguments that it’s going to put the container revolution to bed, and while that’s highly unlikely (containers and serverless are simply different solutions that are appropriate in different contexts), it’s significant that a trend like serverless could emerge so quickly to capture the attention of engineers and architects. It says a lot about the rapidly changing nature of software infrastructures and the increased demands for agility, scalability, and power.

Azure is a cloud solution that’s only going to help drive serverless adoption further. But we know there’s always some trepidation among tech decision makers when choosing to implement something new or use a new platform. That’s why we’re delighted to be partnering with Microsoft Azure to give the world free access to Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook.

Packed with more than 50 Azure serverless tutorials and recipes to help solve common and not so common challenges, this 325-page eBook is both a useful introduction to Azure’s serverless capabilities and a useful resource for anyone already acquainted with it.

Simply click here to go to Microsoft Azure to download the eBook for free.


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