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Learn about new developments around networking with the latest news about Wireshark, Red Hat, Oracle, and Puppet.

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Vulnerabilities in the Application and Transport Layer of the TCP/IP stack

The Transport layer is responsible for end-to-end data communication and acts as an interface for network applications to access the network. This layer also...

Deploying a Zabbix proxy

In this article by Andrea Dalle Vacche, author of the book Mastering Zabbix, Second Edition, you will learn the basics on how to deploy...

Innovation of Communication and Information Technologies

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) Communication is not something which we consciously think about in most situations. However, let me urge...
Linux kernel

Linux kernel announces a patch to allow as a valid address range

Last month, the team behind Linux kernel announced a patch that allows as a valid address range. This patch allows for these 16m...

Troubleshooting OpenVPN 2: Configurations

OpenVPN 2 Cookbook 100 simple and incredibly effective recipes for harnessing the power of the OpenVPN 2 network Set of recipes covering the whole range...

Securing your Elastix System

In the Article by Gerardo Barajas Puente, author of Elastix Unified Communications Server Cookbook, we will discuss some topics regarding security in our Elastix Unified...
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After RHEL 8 release, users awaiting the release of CentOS 8

The release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8) this week, has made everyone waiting for CentOS 8 rebuild to occur. The release...

Using Proxies to Monitor Remote Locations with Zabbix 1.8

When proxies are useful A server is not always able to connect directly to the monitored machines. We could use active items everywhere (where Zabbix...

Creating and Using Templates with Cacti 0.8

For example, let's say we have a network of four Linux servers, two Unix servers, and one Cisco router. Here, if we use a...

Initial Configuration of SCO 2016

In this article by Michael Seidl, author of the book Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator Cookbook - Second Edition, will show you how to setup Orchestrator...