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Microsoft HQ

Microsoft Build 2019: Microsoft showcases new updates to MS 365 platform with focus on...

At the ongoing Microsoft Build 2019 conference, Microsoft has announced a ton of new features and tool releases with a focus on innovation using...

Google Cloud Next’19 day 1: open-source partnerships, hybrid-cloud platform, Cloud Run, and more

Google Cloud Next’ 19 kick started yesterday in San Francisco. On day 1 of the event, Google showcased its new tools for application developers,...
Chef decides to go open source

Chef goes open source, ditching the Loose Open Core model

Chef, the infrastructure automation tool, has today revealed that it is going completely open source. In doing so, the project has ditched the loose...
IoT application

Top reasons why businesses should adopt enterprise collaboration tools

Following the trends of the modern digital workplace, organizations apply automation even to the domains that are intrinsically human-centric. Collaboration is one of them. And...
Five developer centric sessions at IoT World 2018

The 10 best cloud and infrastructure conferences happening in 2019

The latest Gartner report suggests that the cloud market is going to grow an astonishing 17.3% ($206 billion) in 2019, up from $175.8 billion...
Key data science trends for 2019

Cloud computing trends in 2019

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology that many organizations are adopting to enable their digital transformation. As per the latest Gartner report, the...
Software infrastructure in 2019

Key trends in software infrastructure in 2019: observability, chaos, and cloud complexity

Software infrastructure has, over the last decade or so, become a key concern for developers of all stripes. Long gone are narrowly defined job...
cloud computing

The Future of Cloud lies in revisiting the designs and limitations of today’s notion...

Last week, researchers at the UC Berkeley released a research paper titled ‘Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’, which highlights some pitfalls...
Microsoft HQ

Microsoft becomes the world’s most valuable public company, moves ahead of Apple

Last week, Microsoft moved ahead of Apple as the world’s most valuable publicly traded U.S. company. On Friday, the company closed on with a...
Why is IBM buying Red Hat?

4 reasons IBM bought Red Hat for $34 billion

The news that IBM is to buy Red Hat - the enterprise Linux distribution - shocked the software world this weekend. It took many...