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The team behind Xubuntu, have released a new update for the lightweight, GTK-based desktop environment built around Ubuntu. Xubuntu 19.04 is available since yesterday as a part of the Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” launch. New features include latest Xfce package releases, new wallpapers/artwork, re-addition of GIMP to ISO, and various other changes. Xubuntu 19.04 also halts the production of x86 32-bit install images.

New additions in Xubuntu 19.04

AptURL is now included in the latest release. It provides an easy way to link to and install packages from the repositories. It supports most browsers and works without any additional configuration when installed.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulating Program), a feature-packed image editor also ships with this release. It was notably absent from Xubuntu since 15.04 “Vivid Vervet”.

The addition of LibreOffice Impress completes the Xubuntu office suite. Impress makes it possible for users to quickly and easily produce and present high-quality presentations. It comes with a number of great templates already installed, and hundreds more at the LibreOffice Extensions website.

Updates to existing Xfce settings

Xfce Application Finder

  • The application Finder is ported to GTK 3 and searches are now fuzzy
  • Menu items without a name are no longer displayed
  • Applications can now be launched by pressing Enter once
  • The Application Finder will no longer crash when toggling bookmarks
  • A new preference was added to hide the category panel and it has improved application sorting and keyboard navigation

Xfce Desktop

  • Orientation option is added for icon arrangement
  • Support for the RandR primary monitor is added
  • Integration for the AccountsService wallpaper is added
  • The crash with monitor changes is fixed. Also the icon size in the “Open With” submenu is fixed.

Xfce Dictionary

  • Crashes related to invalid URLs were resolved
  • Web search links are only displayed when URLs are valid
  • The link tooltip is now escaped, fixing display issues

Xfce Panel

  • Maximum icon size can be specified for improved control.
  • Per-panel icon size preferences are added
  • Numerous improvements are made to plugin display and sizing issues
  • Support for alternative menu editors, with MenuLibre as default is added
  • Fixed issues with clicking panel items at the top or left of the screen
  • Fixed space reservation on the bottom and right of the screen
  • Fixed crashes in the Directory Menu plugin and when removing certain plugins
  • Fixed alignment of various plugin menus and the display of the binary clock

Xfce Screenshooter

  • Added width and height to the region select overlay
  • Fixed delay functionality in the panel plugin and saving screenshots from the panel plugin
  • Improved Imgur upload results dialog
  • Improved support when XInput is not available and for HiDPI displays

Xfce Session

  • Replaced packaging recommendation on Xscreensaver with Light Locker
  • Added support for MATE Screensaver and Xfce Screensaver

Xfce System Load Plugin

  • Reworked preferences dialog
  • The default update interval was updated to 0.5 seconds

Xfce Task Manager

  • Builds now default to GTK 3, with GTK 2 being removed in the next release
  • Improved UTF-8 normalization
  • Fixed crash when closing processes

Xubuntu Artwork

  • New desktop wallpaper for 19.04
  • New release-agnostic wallpaper for Plymouth

These are just a select few updates. For a more exhaustive version, head over to the blog post by Bluesabre. If you want to contribute, check out the Xubuntu contributor documentation to learn how to get started.

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