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The July 2018 release of Visual Studio code 1.26 version is now available. This version includes new features for navigation, how to apply a quick fix to any problem, managing extensions and much more.

What’s new in the Visual Studio code 1.26?


The Visual studio editor now has a navigation bar above its contents called Breadcrumbs. It displays the current location and allows quick navigation between symbols and files. Breadcrumb navigation allows one to jump to symbols and files in their workspace.

Quick Fixes from Problems panel

Now one can apply Quick code fixes from the Problems panel while reviewing warning and errors. When a problem entry is hovered or selected, the respective Quick Fixes are shown via a light bulb indicator.

Quick Fixes can be applied either by clicking on the light bulb or by opening the context menu for the problem entry.

User setup on Windows

The user setup package for Windows, announced in the previous release, is now available. This setup does not require Administrator privileges while installation. It also provides a smoother background update experience.

Current users of the system-wide Windows setup will be prompted to switch to the user setup. New users will be directed towards using it by default via Visual Studio code Download page.

Terminal column selection

Column selection is now supported within the Integrated Terminal via Alt+click.

Add all missing imports with a single quick fix

The Add missing import Quick Fix can now be applied to all missing imports in a JavaScript/TypeScript file. This Quick Fix requires only a single action to add all missing imports in a JavaScript/TypeScript file.

JSX tag completion

Now one can work with JSX tags in JavaScript/TypeScript similar to that in HTML. The JSX tags are now closed automatically when you type ‘>’ in a JavaScript or TypeScript file.

Auto closing of tags can be disabled by setting “javascript.autoClosingTags”: false and “typescript.autoClosingTags”: false.

Better JS/TS error reporting

The TypeScript team has done a lot of work to make JavaScript and TypeScript error messages smarter and clearer. Some error messages now include links to relevant locations in the source code.

Improved extension search

This release has added an IntelliSense autocompletion to the extension searchfield making it easier.
This will help in refining extension searches to filter results based on things like category and install state; or sort results by name, rating, or install count.

Extension Pack management

Extension Pack management has been improved in this release. An Extension Pack is installed, uninstalled, enabled or disabled always as a single pack.

One can now uninstall or disable an extension belonging to an Extension Pack without requiring to uninstall or disable the entire Extension Pack. One can easily manage Extension Packs as a single unit or by individual extension.

There is also a new Extension Pack tab which displays which extensions are bundled in the Extension Pack.

Preview: Settings editor

This version includes a preview of GUI for editing settings. To try it out, one can go to Preferences: Open Settings (Preview) command. It contains rich settings description display, “Table of Contents” tracks scrolling, and much more.

Read more about these features in detail on the Visual Studio Code July 2018 version 1.26 release notes.

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