User Management in Joomla! 1.5: Part 2

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Managing your users: The User Manager

The User Manager within the administration interface gives you an overview of all the registered users of your website and the ability to manage them as needed.

Only users registered as Administrator or Super Administrator can make changes here.

Creating a new user

The Party People website has only one administration user and we want to add a new user who has backend manager access. As the administrator, you can do this by accessing the User Manager from within the administration.

  1. Click Site | User Manager in the top menu or click the User Manager icon on the front page of the administration page.
  2. To add a new user, click the New icon on the top right toolbar.
  3. Type in a name, a username, an e-mail address, and a password into the Name, Username, and New Password input boxes, as shown in the following screenshot. Verify the password to be sure you have entered the correct string.
  4. Click on the user group that you want to allocate them to from the selection in the Group window. Your choice will obviously depend upon the content and access level you want them to have. We’ll select Manager for our site.
  5. Click No for Block User, as we are setting up a new one.
  6. Select Yes or No for Receive System E-mails.
  7. Save your new user.

User Management in Joomla! 1.5: Part 2

Adding a new user as a site contact

Before you add your new user to your contact list, consider whether they fit into the established contact categories. If they don’t, you can add a new Category. Do this before you add the new contact.

Adding a new contact Category

Create contact Categories based on what role the user is to take within your site. It is described in the following steps:

  1. Select Components from the top menu, then Contacts and Manage Contacts to see the Contact Manager.
  2. To add a new contact Category, select that link.
  3. In the new Category screen, give the category a name and complete the details as shown in the following screenshot. Add a brief description if you need to.
  4. Save your new category.
User Management in Joomla! 1.5: Part 2

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