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Tornado recently announced the release of version 5.1 and dropped the plans for a major release of Tornado 6.0. Tornado is a Python-based web framework and consists of asynchronous networking libraries for complete web development in Python. It is known for its ability to scale a huge number of connections on the web and is considered ideal for the applications that require uninterrupted connectivity on the web.

Features included in Tornado 5.1

  • Improvement in the command-line wrapper. It will no longer clash with the active processes on Windows.
  • New module to support non-ASCII characters in username and password
  • Consistent behavior of the client-server modules like simple_httpclient and curl_httpclient
  • Improved compatibility with GNU Hurd
  • Improved WebSocket modules to protect against DoS attacks

Preparation for Tornado 6.0

Tornado 6.0 will drop the support for Python versions 2.7 and 3.4 while making Python 3.5.2 as the minimum supported version. To make sure systems running on older Python versions do not break, the deprecation warnings are emitted. In order to receive the deprecation warnings, you need to run -wd argument or set the environment variable for your Python ecosystem. Also, Tornado maintainers have informed that the applications running on Python 3, which do not receive the deprecation warning will be able to move to Tornado 6.0 without breaking.

To avoid the risk of errors that are introduced due to the connection leak, the ExceptionStackContext module will be removed from Tornado 6.0. Tornado 6.0 will remove obsolete packages to make a lean standard framework. For example, the Stack context module will be removed as it will stand obsolete after the introduction to co-routines.

To learn more about the deprecated features in Tornado 5.1 and in-depth feature notice, you can check out the release notes page of Tornado 5.1.

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