Sublime Text 3.2 released with Git integration, improved themes, editor control and much more!

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Yesterday, the team behind Sublime Text released Sublime Text 3.2, a text editor that comes with Git integration, improved diff markers, new theme functionality and much more.

What’s new in Sublime Text 3.2?

GIT integration

With this release, the files and folders in the sidebar will now display badges for indicating Git status. In this release, the ignored files and folders are de-emphasized. In Sublime Text 3.2, the Git branch and number of modifications are displayed in the status bar. The commands have now been added to open a repository. Now there are few themes that customize the display of sidebar badges and status bar information. A new setting show_git_status has been added that disables Git integration.

Improved editor control

This release comes with block_caret setting. The positioning and sizing of gutter icons have now been improved. This release comes with improved IME support for Windows and improved input method (IM) support – fcitx, ibus, etc for Linux.

Improved diff markers

With this release, diff markers now display added, modified and deleted lines. A new setting called mini_diff now controls incremental diff behavior. With the new Git functionality, diffs can now be calculated against HEAD or the index. Few diff-related commands such as Next Modification, Previous Modification, and Revert Modification have been added.

Improved files and folders

For Windows, the paths are treated as case-sensitive and the unlock directories are closed.

Enhanced themes/UI

This release comes with added support for variables and revised JSON format with variables key. Performance has been improved with large numbers of rules in a .sublime-theme. Also, support for macOS native tabs has been added. Window placement and resize performance has been improved.


This release comes with View.set_reference_document() and View.reset_reference_document() for controlling diff generation. Phantoms can now be  drawn correctly in conjunction with draw_centered.

Major bug fixes

  • In this release, the Goto Symbol in Project has been fixed.
  • The draw_minimap_border setting is now working.

Few users are comparing the performance of Sublime Text with VScode as they think VScode is better. One of the users commented on HackerNews, “I hope Sublime steps up their game, as I think VScode is standing on their shoulders, and competition is good.” Few others think that Sublime is the best editor. Another comment reads, “If all I needed was a great text editor, I would use Sublime. It’s everything I want in an editor.”

To know more about this news, check out Sublime Text’s blog post.

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