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Rigetti Computing have launched Quantum Cloud Services, bringing together the best of classical and quantum computing on a single cloud platform. “What this platform achieves for the very first time is an integrated computing system that is the first quantum cloud services architecture,” says Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO.

Rigetti Computing has been competing head to head with behemoths like Google and IBM to grab the quantum computing market. Last month, Rigetti unveiled plans to deploy 128 qubit chip quantum computing system, challenging Google, IBM, and Intel for leadership in this emerging technology. Prior to that, last year, in December, Rigetti developed a new quantum algorithm to supercharge unsupervised Machine Learning.

Now the startup says, “the first Quantum computing is almost ready for business.” With QCS you can build and run programs combining real quantum hardware in a virtual development environment. Quantum Cloud Services will be used to address fundamental challenges in medicine, energy, business, and science. Quantum cloud Services will offer a combination of a cloud-based classical computer, its Forest development platform and access to Rigetti’s quantum backends.

Chemistry: QCS can be used for predicting the properties of complex molecules and materials to design more effective medicines, energy technologies and resilient crops.

Machine Learning: QCS can be used for training advanced AI on quantum computers. These will help in computer vision, pattern recognition, voice recognition and machine translation.

Optimization: QCS can solve complex optimizations such as ‘job shop’ scheduling and traveling salesperson problems. This will drive critical efficiencies in businesses, military and public sector logistics, scheduling, shipping and resource allocation.

Rigetti is now inviting customers to apply for free access to these systems. They have invited developers to build a real-world application that achieves quantum advantage and the first to make it wins a $1 million prize. “What we want to do is focus on the commercial utility and applicability of these machines, because ultimately that’s why this company exists,” says Rigetti.

Rigetti is also partnering with a number of leading quantum computing startups including Entropica Labs, Horizon Quantum Computing, OTI Lumionics, ProteinQure, QC Ware and Riverlane Research. They have collaborated with Rigetti to build and distribute the applications through the Rigetti QCS platform.

You can read more details on the Rigetti Computing official website.

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