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Rigetti computers are committed to building the world’s most powerful computers and they believe the true value of quantum will be unlocked by practical applications.

Rigetti CEO Chad Rigetti, posted recently on Medium about their plans to deploy 128 qubit chip quantum computing system, challenging Google, IBM, and Intel for leadership in this emerging technology. They have planned to deploy this system in the next 12 months and shared their investment in resources at the application layer to encourage experimentation on quantum computers.

Over the past year, Rigetti has built 8-qubit and 19-qubit superconducting quantum processors, which are accessible to users over the cloud through their open source software platform Forest. These chips have been useful in helping researchers around the globe to carry out and test programs on their quantum-classical hybrid computers. However, to drive practical use of quantum computing today, Rigetti must be able to scale and improve the performance of the chips and connect them to the electronics on which they run . To achieve this, the next phase of quantum computing will require more power at the hardware level to drive better results.

Rigetti is in a unique position to solve this problem and build systems that scale. Chad Rigetti adds,

Our 128-qubit chip is developed on a new form factor that lends itself to rapid scaling. Because our in-house design, fab, software, and applications teams work closely together, we’re able to iterate and deploy new systems quickly. Our custom control electronics are designed specifically for hybrid quantum-classical computers, and we have begun integrating a 3D signaling architecture that will allow for truly scalable quantum chips. Over the next year, we’ll put these pieces together to bring more power to researchers and developers.

While they are focussed on building the 128 qubit chip, the Rigetti team is also looking at ways to enhance the application layer by pursuing quantum advantage in three areas; i.e. quantum simulation, optimization and machine learning.

The team believes quantum advantage will be achieved by creating a solution that is faster, cheaper and of a better quality. They have posed an open question as to which industry will build the first commercially useful application to add tremendous value to researchers and businesses around the world.

Read the full coverage on the Rigetti Medium post.

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