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Qt team released Qt Creator 4.7.0 yesterday. The latest release includes features such as C++ Support, Test Integration, Windows Hosts and other improvements.

The highlights of this latest release are:

C++ Support

Clang code model has now been turned on by default. The built-in model, earlier, wasn’t able to keep up with the developments in the C++ language and the tooling around it. You can still continue to use the built-in model by disabling the ClangCodeModel plugin.

Clang code model has been upgraded to Clang 6.0. and provides information for the document used for the symbols dropdown, outline pane and “.” locator filter.

There’s a new tool in Debug mode (Analyze > Clang-Tidy and Clazy) with the help of which you can run checks over your entire code. You can check the warnings and errors from the code model in the Issues pane.

Test Integration

For cases when your text cursor in the C++ editor is inside a test function, an individual test can be directly run with the new Run Test Under Cursor action.

The location of failed tests is also marked by test integration in the editor. Google Test provides support for filtering.

Windows Hosts

The scanning for MSVC compilers on Windows has been improved. Issue leading to short-term freezes during Windows debug stream has been fixed.

Now, saving files on network drives should work in all configurations.

Other Improvements

The kit options are put in their own top-level entry in the preferences dialog. Now, easily choose if you want Qt’s automatic scaling by enabling or disabling the new option in Environment > Interface ( for HiDPI screen on Windows or Linux).

The File System is equipped with new options which show folder on top as well as turn off the base folder synchronization. New folders can be created directly in the File System view.

The open source version of Qt Creator 4.7.0  is available on the Qt download page. You can find commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Qt Creator 4.7.0 is also available through an update in the online installer.

Apart from these major updates, there have been many other improvements and fixes. Check out the official changes file for more coverage on Qt Creator 4.7.0.

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