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After releasing Firefox 64 last month, Mozilla released Firefox 65 yesterday. This version comes with support for AV1, enhanced tracking protection, improved browser experience for multilingual users, and more.

Following are the updates Firefox 65 comes with:

  • Enhanced tracking protection: This version comes with a new set of “redesigned controls”, which gives users the choice to decide their desired level of privacy protection. These controls (Standard, Strict, and Custom) are added under the newly-introduced Content Blocking section.
  • Updated Language section: Now users can directly install multiple language packs and order language preferences for Firefox and websites, without having to download locale-specific versions.
  • Support for AV1: Firefox 65 for Windows supports AV1, the royalty-free video compression technology developed and standardized by Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). AV1 was created to provide users with affordable high-quality video compression technology.
  • Support for the WebP image format: This version comes with support for the WebP image format, which provides the same image quality as the existing formats at smaller sizes. This saves bandwidth and speeds up page load, and hence improves performance and web compatibility.
  • Updates for developers: A new Flexbox inspector tool is introduced, which shows details of Flexbox containers and helps debug Flex item sizes. The CSS changes made in the Rules panel will now be tracked in the new Changes tab. Support is added for the Storage Access API on desktop platforms.

Along with these changes, Mozilla has also fixed several security flaws in this version. To read the full list of updates, check out the release notes of Firefox 65.

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