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Last month, the team at Microsoft introduced content camera feature to the Microsoft Teams Rooms useful for meetings. With this feature, users can intelligently include a whiteboard for presentation in their Teams meeting. 

Microsoft Teams content camera uses Artificial Intelligence to detect, crop and frame the in-room traditional whiteboard and also share its content with the participants (in the meeting).

Interestingly, the new feature makes the presenter standing in front of the whiteboard translucent so that remote participants can see the content right through them.

IT administrators can add certified content cameras to their USB ports in the Microsoft Teams Rooms systems. Once the content camera connects to the room, the admin can select the respective camera for input with the Device Settings menu.

Currently, Crestron and Logitech cameras are available and certified for use with the Teams content camera functionality. The team at Microsoft has announced that they will be adding more cameras soon. Microsoft partners are also offering unique mounting systems so that users can fit their cameras into any meeting space.

The company announced that ceiling tiles and digital signal processor (DSPs) options are also certified for use in the meeting rooms. 

Users seem to be excited about this news, a user commented on HackerNews, “I don’t see myself using this, but its really cool. The whole “see through presenter” thing is awesome. Somewhat unrelated, but it would be really cool to see that done using AR glasses.”

To know more about this news, check out the official post.

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