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Yesterday, Nat Friedman, GitHub’s CEO announced a new feature, which allows developers to share their status to coworkers know about their availability. This feature gives open source maintainers and other developers an option to inform their community that they are away and won’t respond to issues as quickly.

GitHub started this year with a bang by announcing updates like unlimited free private repositories (GitHub Free) and a unified enterprise offering (GitHub Enterprise). Previously, it also added a Star button using which you can indicate the topics you are interested in so GitHub can fetch the code and developers that share your interests.

You can find this feature on your GitHub profile and choose from options like On vacation, Working from home, Out sick, and Focusing. You can also set it to Busy and GitHub will inform your coworkers if they assign you any task.

GitHub status feature

Source: GitHub

Many users reacted positively to this feature update and also suggested further improvements. These are some of the suggestions:

Though many developers were excited about this feature, some of them also mentioned their concern:

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