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This Wednesday, GitHub pages were non-functional as there was some instability in their servers. A hacker claimed that he performed a DDoS attack on the website. Github was down for roughly about an hour before normal functionality was restored.

A hacker that goes by the name of Hax Stroke, a part of Ghost Squad Hackers Tweeted:

Hax Stroke claims to have performed the attack using RPCBIND service DDoS amp and that it was ‘just a demo’.

The Issues, PRs, Dashboard, Projects seemed to be down, enough for the website to not load at all.

The outage was observed in many parts of the globe.

The same person also claims to be responsible for the YouTube outage end of last year.

The new year has just started and users observed issues in using GitHub:

On their status website, their official comment as of January 2, 16:32 UTC is: “Resolved – We observed elevated error rates and discovered a capacity issue in one of our databases which impacted Web, API, and Gists. A backlog was cleared and systems returned to normal.

This isn’t the first time when the crowd favorite open-source repository was malfunctional. In October last year, GitHub was down for one whole day due to a failure in its data storage system.

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