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Using Cloud Applications and Containers

We can find a certain comfort while developing an application on our local computer. We debug logs in real time. We know the exact...

Elegant RESTful Client in Python for Exposing Remote Resources

Product Hunt addicts like me might have noticed how often a "developer" tab was available on landing pages. More and more modern products offer...

Python’s new asynchronous statements and expressions

As part of Packt’s Python Week, Daniel Arbuckle, author of our Mastering Python video, explains Python’s journey from generators, to schedulers, to cooperative multithreading...

Creating a graph application with Python, Neo4j, Gephi & Linkurious.js

I love Python, and to celebrate Packt Python week, I’ve spent some time developing an app using some of my favorite tools. The app...

A Brief History of Python

From data to web development, Python has come to stand as one of the most important and most popular open source programming languages being...

Python Web Development Frameworks: Django or Flask?

I love Python, I’ve been using it close to three years now after a friend gave me a Raspberry Pi they had grown bored...

The Year of the Python

When we asked developers for our $5 Skill Up report what the most valuable skill was in 2015, do you know what they said?...

Essential Tools for Go Programming

Golang as a programming language is a pleasure to work with, but the reason for this also comes largely in part from the great...

Python – OOP! (Python: Object-Oriented Programming)

Or Currency Conversion using Python I love to travel and one of my favorite programming languages is Python. Sometimes when I travel I like to...

Eight Things You Need To Learn with Python

We say it a lot, but Python really is a versatile language that can be applied to many different purposes. Web developers, data analysts,...

Must Read in Programming

Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...