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We say it a lot, but Python really is a versatile language that can be applied to many different purposes. Web developers, data analysts, security pros – there’s an impressive range of challenges that can be solved by Python. So, what exactly should you be learning to do with this great language to really get the most out of it?


Writing Python

What’s the most important thing to learn with Python? How to write it. As Python becomes the popular language of choice for most developers, there is an increasing need to learn and adopt it on different environments for different purposes.

The Beginning Python video course focuses on just that. Aimed at a complete novice with no previous programming experience in Python, this course will guide the readers every step of the way. Starting with the absolute basics like understanding of variables, arrays, and strings, the course goes on teach the intricacies of Python. It teaches how you can build your own functions making use of the existing functions in Python. By the end, the course ensures that you have a strong foundation of the programming concepts in Python.

Design Patterns

As Python matures from being used just as a scripting language and into enterprise development and data science, the need for clean, reusable code becomes ever more vital. The modern Python developer cannot go astray with tried and true design patterns for Python when they want to write efficient, reliable Python code.

The second edition of Learning Python Design Patterns is stuffed with rich examples of design pattern implementation. From OOP to more complex concepts, you’ll find everything you need to improve your Python within.

Machine Learning Design

We all know how powerful Python is for machine learning – so why are your results proving sub-par and inaccurate? The issue is probably not your implementation, but rather with your system design. Just knowing the relevant algorithms and tools is not enough for a really effective system – you need the right design.

Designing Machine Learning Systems with Python covers various machine learning designing aspects with the help of real-world data sets and examples and will enable you to evaluate and decide the right design for your needs.

Python for the Next Generation

Python was built to be simple, and it’s the perfect language to get kids coding. With programmers getting younger and younger these days, get them learning with a language that will serve them well for life.

In Python for Kids, kids will create two interesting game projects that they can play and show off to their friends and teachers, as well as learn Python syntax, and how to do basic logic building.

Distributed Computing

What do you do when your Python application takes forever to give the output? Very heavy computing results in delayed response or, sometimes, even failure. For special systems that deal with a lot of data and are mission critical, the response time becomes an important factor. In order to write highly available, reliable, and fault tolerant programs, one needs to take aid of distributed computing.

Distributed Computing with Python will teach you how to manage your data intensive and resource hungry Python applications with the aid of parallel programming, synchronous and asynchronous programming, and many more effective techniques.

Deep Learning

Python is at the forefront of the deep learning revolution – the next stage of machine learning, and maybe even a step towards AI. As machine learning becomes a mainstream practice, deep learning has taken a front seat among data scientists.

The Deep Learning with Python video course is a great stepping stone in entering the world of deep learning with Python — learn the basics, clear your concepts, and start implementing efficient deep learning for making better sense of data. Get all that it takes to understand and implement Python deep learning libraries from this insightful tutorial.

Predictive Analytics

With the power of Python and predictive analytics, you can turn your data into amazing predictions of the future. It’s not sorcery, just good data science.

Written by Ashish Kumar, a data scientist at Tiger Analytics, Learning Predictive Analytics with Python is a comprehensive, intermediate-level book on Predictive Analytics and Python for aspiring data scientists.

Internet of Things

Python’s rich libraries of data analytics, combined with its popularity for scripting microcontroller units such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, make it an exceptional choice for building IoT.

Internet of Things with Python offers an exciting view of IoT from many angles, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. Leverage your existing Python knowledge to build awesome IoT project and enhance your IoT skills with this book.



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