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AT&T partners with Google cloud to deliver cloud networking solutions for enterprise customers using Partner Interconnect solution. This new offering enables customers to use ATT NetBond and connect to Google Cloud Platform in a secure way. Businesses can also connect to Google Cloud via Cloud VPN.

Chief product officer at ATT, Roman Pacewicz said “ We’re committed to helping businesses transform through our edge-to-edge capabilities. This collaboration with Google Cloud gives businesses access to a full suite of productivity tools and a highly secure, private network connection to the Google Cloud Platform.”

Paul Ferrand, President Global Customer Operations, Google Cloud said “ AT&T provides organizations globally with secure, smart solutions, and our work to bring Google Cloud’s portfolio of products, services and tools to every layer of its customers’ business helps serve this mission. Our alliance allows businesses to seamlessly communicate and collaborate from virtually anywhere and connect their networks to our highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure”

ATT is also offering access to G-suite, Google’s cloud-based productivity suite which includes Gmail, Docs and Drive available via ATT Collaborate. Using Cloud Partner interconnect, it facilitates private connectivity to Google Cloud and helps them run multiple workloads across different cloud environment. It also allows centres that are located far away from a Google Cloud region or point of presence to connect at up to 10Gbps.

Additionally, since G Suite is there with AT&T Collaborate, enterprises have access to a single source for chat, voice, video and desktop sharing. Businesses can also enable carrier-grade voice reliability and security from within the G Suite applications.It can also be used across practically any device from any location.

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