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Yesterday, the team at Apache NetBeans released Apache NetBeans IDE 10.0, an integrated development environment for Java. This release focuses on adding support for JDK 11, JUnit 5, PHP, JavaScript, and Groovy.

What’s new in Apache NetBeans IDE 10.0?

JDK 11 Support

PHP Support

PHP 7.3

  • It is now possible to add trailing commas in function calls under PHP 7.3.
  • This release comes with support for Heredoc and Nowdoc Syntaxes.

PHP 7.2

This release comes with support for trailing commas in list syntax and coloring for object types for PHP 7.2.

PHP 7.1

This release comes with class constant visibility, multi-catch exception handling, nullable types, support for keys in list(), coloring for new keywords (void, iterable) for PHP 7.1.

JUnit 5

  • JUnit 5.3.1 has been added as a new Library to NetBeans, so users can easily add it to their Java projects. JUnit 5 is now the default JUnit version for Maven projects without any existing tests.
  • This release supports JUnit 5 @Testable annotation.
  • This version also supports a default JUnit 5 test template.


  • This release automatically detects JTReg from OpenJDK configuration.
  • Various improvements such as limiting directories that are scanned for modules have been made to the OpenJDK project.

Few users have compared Apache NetBeans IDE 10.0 with Eclipse and Intellij most of them are on the opinion that this release is better than the two and it works better.

Read more about this release in detail on Apache NetBeans’ official blog.

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