User and Group Management: Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

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This function is only available to administrators, so use this role prudently. During the installation of the Oracle VM Manager, a default admin account is created. And with this admin’s account we can go about managing the users and groups.

Managing Users

Here it is possible to create new users, delete older or unwanted ones, assign different roles to those users, reset user password, and so on. Let’s break it up into a few topics and have a look at it.

  • Creating a User
  • Viewing or editing details
  • Changing a role
  • Deleting a User

Creating a User

To create a User, perform the following:

  1. On the Administrator’s page click User tab and then click on the Create button:
    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2
  2. Enter the necessary information such as:
    • Username (avoid using user, manager, and administrator as username)
    • Password
    • Retype Password
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Valid Email address
    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2
  3. We can select the account status, it could either be locked or unlocked and is only accessible when it’s unlocked. We can lock an account for security reasons by using the status Locked. We can grant the following roles to this newly created user—User, Manager, or Administrator.
  4. Then select the Server Pools for this user and also select the group to which this user should belong to.
  5. Click on the Confirm button to confirm the information and we will get this information:
    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

As we can see in the preceding screenshot this is a plain user and has no groups or servers assigned to it. However this was unlocked and was granted a User role.

Viewing or editing a User

Now let’s view the User we just created.

  1. Click on the User tab on the Administrator page:
    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  2. Click on the Show link to view the Server Pools that the user is allowed to use:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

We can now edit account details such as change email address, change account status, and so on.

  1. Let’s change the User’s email address:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  2. Modifying the account status to either locked or unlocked:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  3. Changing the role:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  4. Next, add the User to the Server Pool:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  5. Removing a User from groups or Server Pools:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

Changing a User’s role

Lets change regular Users’ role to Administrator:

  1. On the Administrator’s page, select the newly created User and click on the Edit button.

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  2. Select the role and click Apply to effectively assign the role to the User:

    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

  3. Once applied, we will be presented with the following screen:
    Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

Deleting User

To delete a User, we need to do the following on the Administrator’s page. We can carry out a search and then select the User that we want to delete.

Click on the Delete button and confirm the User you want to delete:

Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2


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