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Uber’s Head of corporate development and best known as the ‘top dealmaker’, Cameron Poetzscher has resigned from the company, yesterday. Cameron Poetzscher joined Uber as the Vice President of corporate development in 2014 and was responsible for overseeing important business deals as well as the fundraising efforts for the company. He led Uber through its $7.7 billion investment from SoftBank.

Uber confirmed that the resignation is effective immediately. According to last month’s report by Wall Street Journal, Poetzscher was the subject of a sexual misconduct investigation in 2017. The investigation took place a year ago but the allegations weren’t made public until September 2018 when Wall Street  Journal published a report highlighting the investigation. Per the report, an outside law firm investigated and found that Poetzscher had a pattern of making sexually suggestive comments about other co-workers, including describing “which ones he would like to sleep with.” Also, he was engaged in a consensual affair with a colleague that violated the company’s policy.

Poetzscher was formally disciplined in November 2017, according to the report, though some people at the company argued he should have been fired. His formal statement, after the report, said, “After some concerns were raised in 2017, an outside law firm conducted a confidential review and I was rightfully disciplined.”

Also three months ago, Uber’s Head of Human Resources, Liane Hornsey, had resigned from the company. Her departure came exactly a day after Reuters contacted Uber regarding an investigation based on the complaints about Liane Hornsey’s handling of allegations on racial discrimination, according to the outlet.

Uber’s newly appointed Financial Chief, Nelson Chai, will take up Cameron Poetzscher’s responsibilities while the firm seeks a replacement, a spokesman confirmed to the Wall Street Journal.

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