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Splunk have kicked off their .conf 2018 conference with a bang. Splunk announced plans to update their premium enterprise products – Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud – powered with machine learning and analytics capabilities. These products will be initially made available for public use through beta programs, and will allow Splunk customers to work with large-scale data and extract useful insights out of them.

The upcoming versions of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud will include the following features:

  • Splunk Business Flow – This feature will give customers the ability to make smarter business decisions by understanding relevant trends and process flows.
  • Splunk Data Stream Processor – This feature will let users evaluate, transform and perform predictive analytics on streaming data.
  • Splunk Mobile & Splunk Cloud Gateway – This new feature will allow Splunk users to interact with a whole suite of Splunk products from their mobile devices.
  • Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing and query Splunk through voice and text commands.
  • Build effective cloud-native services with Splunk Developer Cloud.
  • Splunk Data Fabric Search will allow Splunk users to perform large-scale search of real-time data.
  • Use Augmented Reality (AR) to interact with data such as QR codes, UPC scanning, etc.

In his keynote, Merritt also announced plans for Splunk MLTK, a Splunk-specific application to run AI use-cases. This tool will be able to interact with key open source AI libraries such as Tensorflow and Spark’s MLlib. With these capabilities, businesses will be able to perform large-scale analytics by harnessing AI in their Splunk applications and related projects.

Splunk Chief Executive Doug Merritt was of the opinion that businesses are finding it hard to keep track of the ERP data inside their data centers. “If we really want to be successful, we’ve got to tap into this sea of data around the world, outside of our walls,” he said. “We are in the midst of the data revolution, and these product updates ensure the Splunk platform evolves as our world does to deliver business outcomes no matter the organization, team or dataset”.

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