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What do we really mean when we say that software is ‘dead’ or ‘dying’?

“The report of my death was an exaggeration,” Mark Twain once wrote in a letter to journalist Frank Marshall White. Twain's quip is a...
DeepMind AlphaGo Zero

Why DeepMind AlphaGo Zero is a game changer for AI research

DeepMind, a London based artificial intelligence (AI) company currently owned by Alphabet, recently made great strides in AI with its AlphaGo program. It all began...
women harassment

Microsoft’s #MeToo reckoning: female employees speak out against workplace harassment and discrimination

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen 44 years ago today on April 4, 1975. A lot has changed for the company...
NetSpectre attack exploits data from CPU memory

Dark Web Phishing Kits: Cheap, plentiful and ready to trick you

Spam email is a part of daily life on the internet. Even the best junk mail filters will still allow through certain suspicious looking...

What we learnt from the GitHub Octoverse 2018 Report

Highlighting key accomplishments over the last one year, Microsoft’s recent major acquisition GitHub released their yearly Octoverse report. The last 365 days have seen...
mobile app

‘Ethical mobile operating system’ /e/, an alternative for Android and iOS, is in beta

Right now Android and iOS are the most widely used OSes on mobile phones. Both owned by giant corporates and there are no other...
Technical debt is a big problem for businesses

Technical debt is damaging businesses

A lot of things make working in tech difficult. Technical debt is one of them. Whether you're working in-house or for an external team,...
User experience designer working on mob programming

What is Mob Programming?

Mob Programming is a programming paradigm that is an extension of Pair Programming. The difference is actually quite straightforward. If in Pair Programming engineers...
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SurveyJS leaves beta

The SurveyJS team have announced in a post on Hackernoon that it is now out of beta. The JavaScript library for building surveys features...