Raspberry Pi opens its first offline store in England

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Raspberry Pi has opened a retail brick and mortar store in Cambridge, England. The mini computer maker has always sold its products online and ships to many countries. This offline store is a first for the company.

Located at the Grand Arcade shopping, the Raspberry Pi store was started yesterday. It is not just a boring store with Raspberry Pi boards. Their collection includes boards, full setups with monitors, keyboards and mouses for demo, books, mugs and even soft toys with Raspberry branding.

You can see some of the pictures of the new store here:

A user shared his observation of the store on HackerNews: “I had a minute to check it out over lunch – most of the floorspace is dedicated to demonstrating what the raspberry pi can do at a high level. They had stations for coding, gaming, sensors, etc. but only ~1/4th of the space was devoted to inventory. They have a decent selection of Pis, sensor kits, and accessories. Not everyone working there was technical. This is definitely aimed at the general public.

Raspberry Pi has a strong online community with people coming up with various DIY projects. But the community is limited to people who have a keen interest on. More stores like this will help familiarize more people with Raspberry Pi. With branded books, demos, and toys this store is aimed to popularize the mini computer.

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