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Packt and Humble Bundle are once again partnering to bring a stash of artificial intelligence eBooks and videos to engineers of all stripes. This makes it the perfect opportunity to get past the continuing hype and learning the key technologies and skills they need to build powerful artificial intelligence systems.

With 25 titles available, there’s a wealth of content for everyone from tech enthusiasts to committed data geeks to get stuck into.

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As always, the bundle will be in support of a featured charity to which customers will be able to donate a portion of the money they spend on the bundle. This bundle will be in support of Worldbuilders (“Geeks doing good”), a charity that promotes humanitarian causes around the world, and Heifer International, an organization working to end global hunger.

What titles are featuring in May 2019’s AI Humble Bundle?

For as little as $1, customers can get their hands on:

  • Machine Learning for Mobile
  • Python Deep Learning
  • Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • Python Machine Learning By Example
  • Mathematical Foundation for AI and Machine Learning

For a minimum of $8, customers can get all of the above as well as:

  • Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with Python
  • Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence By Example
  • Hands-On Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading
  • Python Machine Learning Cookbook
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch (Video)
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python
  • Hands-On Python Deep Learning

And, for as little as $15, customers can get all of the titles above, as well as unlocking:

  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow
  • Advanced Deep Learning with Keras
  • Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Hands-On
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  • Hands-On Transfer Learning with Python
  • Hands-On Deep Learning for Games
  • Python Deep Learning Projects
  • Deep Learning Architecture for Building Artificial Neural Networks
  • AI for Finance
  • The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python

The bundle will be available until Sunday 26th May.