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Microsoft announced some significant spring updates in its products. These include the Common Data Services update to Power BI and Power Apps.   

Common Data Service for Analytics comes to PowerBI

The CDS for Analytics capability will reduce the complexity of driving business analytics across data from business apps and other sources.

Its features include:

  • Common data schema – Common Data Services for Analytics expands Power BI by introducing an extensible business application schema on which organizations can integrate data from multiple sources.
  • Accelerated access to insights – With the new CDS for Analytics capability, customers will have the opportunity to purchase apps from Microsoft and its partners built on Power BI.
  • App customization and extension – Users will be able to custom tailor reports or build new ones uniquely relevant to their needs using data services like Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks to self-service customizations in low code/no code experiences in Power BI, irrespective of their skillset.

Bringing the power of Dynamics 365 to PowerApps

Microsoft plans to amalgamate PowerApps with Business Application Platform, the platform that powers Dynamic 365.

Microsoft took the Common Data Service, merged its features with the Dynamics 365 platform and renamed it to the Common Data Service for Apps to reflect the new functionality.

The Common Data Service (CDS) would be adding capabilities such as server-side logic, business processes, advanced security and pro developer support to PowerApps. This update would also introduce a new style of app building known as model-driven apps. These apps would automatically generate rich user experience based on the data and processes in the Common Data Service. PowerApps built on the canvas get new capabilities for working with the Common Data Service as well.

For these and the other updates rolled out by Microsoft, read the Microsoft Blog

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