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Jupyterlab announced another series of beta release, v0.32.0 with numerous breaking changes in enhancements, bug fixes, and rectifications. This announcement follows closely at the heels of the initial JupyterLab beta release announcement made just two months ago.

Jupyterlab is steadily approaching 1.0 release quickly with exciting components and features such as notebook, terminal, text editor, powerful UI and various third party extensions. With the rapid progress by the Jupyter team putting their entire focus on this project, the full and final release  of v1.0 is expected by June-July of this year.

Let’s have a quick look at what’s new in this round of release.

Major features and improvements

New feature additions

  • Added better provision for handling corrupted and invalid state databases.
  • New option created to save documents automatically.
  • Added more commands on scrolling, kernel restart in the notebook context menu.
  • Supports proactive checking for completion metadata from kernels.
  • Added new separate “Shutdown all” button in the Running panel for Terminals/Notebooks.
  • Added support to rotate, flip, and invert images in the image viewer.
  • Added support to display kernel banner in console while kernel restart.


  • Performance improvements wherein non-focused documents poll the server less.
  • Performance improvements for rendering text streams, especially around progress bars.
  • Major performance improvements for viewing large CSV files.
  • Context menu always visible in the file browser, even for an empty directory.
  • Ability to handle asynchronous comm messages in the services library more correctly.

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous changes

  • Fixed file dirty status indicator.
  • Changed keyboard shortcut for singled-document-mode.
  • “Restart Kernel” cancellation task functions correctly.
  • Fixed UI with better error handling.

You can download the source code to access all the exciting features of JupyterLab v0.32.0.

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