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ReSharper is one of the leading productivity tools from JetBrains. It is integrated with Visual Studio and provides enhancement and automation for .NET project development. JetBrains announced the general availability of ReSharper 2018.1, making it the first important release for this year.

One of the major improvement speculated was the support for C# 7.2. JetBrains have finalized the support by adding all the entities that are specifically part of C# 7.2. This will ensure that the code written with latest C# modifiers and operators does not throw an error in ReSharper.

Additionally, there are significant bug fixes made to this release. One of the improvements that Jetbrains highlighted in the release, is the Navigation. ReSharper 2018.1 has tools to better filter the search string and provide a better overview of the members of the code.

Major additions in ReSharper Ultimate:

  • Debug Step Filters in ReSharper C++ helps you in search related to functions while debugging.
  • Include Analyzer helps with managing dependencies in the header files while compilation.
  • Easy navigation with Analysis Subject panel in dotMemory 2018.1.
  • The redesigned continuous testing mode in dotCover 2018.1 can be made to run in the existing unit test session instead of running another continuous test session.
  • Console runner redesigned for dotCover 2018.1 helps giving coverage analysis for web applications running on IIS server.
  • Code formatting engine has been improved to avoid problems related to indenting, line breaks, spaces, etc. Code formatting problems can be rectified in the code editor itself.
  • Update in managing StyleCop rules directly from StyleCop configuration files. StyleCop analyzes the C# code for style and consistency throughout the development. This update will enhance consistency in code styling for C# developers.

Other handy features to make developer’s life simple are:

  1. Pre-/Post- build support for ReSharper Build engine
  2. A new option, known as Remember last search for navigation
  3. New settings for parentheses in function declaration and wrapping LINQ expressions

ReSharper 2018.1 redefines the code navigation and enhances development with C# 7.x version. Also, improvements in unit testing in ReSharper will certainly catch attention for this release.

Latest ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1 is available for download from the official JetBrains website.


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