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Fuse has announced two major new products in the app development space – Fuse Open, and Fuse App Engine, followed by a brand new business model, called as Apps-as-a-Service.

First, they have open sourced their Fuse app development platform, called Fuse Open. Thus making the entire Fuse Platform, tooling and premium libraries available for free.

Second, they have introduced the Fuse App Engine, combined with a new business model the Apps-as-a-service to provide existing SaaS and digital services with state-of-the-art native apps tailored to their specific needs.

Fuse Open

Fuse open makes it easy for students and beginner developers to create new mobile app prototypes. They can now build native mobile user interfaces using the UX Markup language, and JavaScript for adding the business logic.

Among the tools and platforms that have been open sourced, include

  • Fuse platform,
  • Uno (the foundation of Fuse),
  • Fuse Studio (the desktop design tool),
  • premium code libraries,
  • the documentation and
  • the iOS and Android preview apps.

The source code is hosted on GitHub under the MIT license.

The company will continue to host the Fuse forums, documentation and Slack community. However, the forums and Slack community will transition to being managed by the community directly.

Fuse App Engine + Apps-as-a-service

With their new business model, Fuse aims to address one of the crucial limitations that exists in the app development space – misalignment between the people who need apps and the people who make them. With Apps as a Service, businesses and enterprises can have an app based on existing product or service, without having to develop them from scratch.

This business model is fueled by the Fuse App Engine which connects with the backend, and hosts the data and logic for your mobile app. The mobile app consists of an App Model and an App. App Models are defined by adding a thin layer of semantic information to existing REST APIs. They can be configured into Apps with ease, giving each customer or use case the right amount of customization options.

Visit the Fuse Blog for a comprehensive list of announcements.

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